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HirePub Website


The website is to help HirePub promote their courses and get more business. 


Research, competitive analysis, sketching, prototyping, user testing, project management



Design Question
How to promote the course and get more business?
Identify the main requirements

After talking with stakeholders, the requirements of the website are : identify the branding of the website, include the color and the logo, promote different courses and services, let people know how to contact the company. Based on that, we identify the final six main parts of the website: the course introduction part, the contact us part, the teacher introduction part, the testimonials part, and the event part and the about us part. 


The stakeholders think "At the institution, we strongly believe that taking courses online is only the first step of the journey, the ultimate goal is to transform newbies to master after training, and eventually join the workforce to make a difference in the tech world.".


Usually we think about engineers, we immediately reflect based on media stereotypes. And that stereotype isn't quite positive: glasses, head-down and laser focused.


So, we came up with another way to remodel the stereotype. We thought about making the laptop more prominent, and be colorful & joyful at the same time, so we put causal beer, also signify beer-ware. Besides that, we also emphasis our company by putting the brand name in the logo.

Group 5.png
The Company Logo
Group 7.png
Design Decisions

Card & List View

To organize information in an easily digestible way, we decided to use cards and lists design. Card allows flexibility for different types of information and can be quickly applied to many pages on website. 

Group 8.png
Group 12.png
Group 12.png
Group 14.png
Final Mockups
English Version

The Home Page
Desktop HD.png
The Events Page
Desktop HD Copy 2.png
The About Us Page
Desktop HD Copy 2 2.png
The Course Page
Desktop HD Copy.png
Chinese Version

The Home Page
Desktop HD-c.png
The Events Page
Desktop HD Copy 2-c.png
The About Us Page
Desktop HD Copy 2-c 2.png
The Course Page
Desktop HD Copy-c.png

As the time and budget constrain, I just finish the main parts of the website. If I have more time, I would add blog part, where users can find articles about how to prepare the interview and some experiences of others. Also, I would add the payment part, so the user can add the course to their cart directly and pay the fee on line.  

Thanks for reading

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