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Lynn Park HOA Website


The website service 150 owners and tenant in Lynn Park Community to pay their HOA and other community service. 


Sketching, prototyping, user testing, project management


Sketch, Wix

Design Question
How to improve the efficiency of the HOA service?
Early insights from the stakeholders

After talking with stakeholders and get their requirement. We get the main function of the website: pay HOA fee, request for maintenance service, reserve the clubhouse, request for architectural service, download community files, communicate with management and get notification and news of the community. On the other hand, client want to get more people involved in the HOA Event and get the voice of the owners and tenants

User interviews & Persona Development

Understand User 

To identify the real need of the user, 9 in person interview is conducted. Finally, we determined two types of users and their primary needs of the website. This helps us to identify the main page and content of the website. 

Group 3.png

As a owner, who lives in Lynn park for 10 years, the needs of Emma is: ​

  • Get updated notification and news of the community

  • Get easily to contact with property managers when needed and report the community problem.

  • Have access to all community documents, regulations files and get instructions about how to get resident service

Emma Owner

As a tenant, who lives in Lynn park for 1 years, the needs of Jason is: ​

  • Get updated notification and news of the community

  • Get to know more about community events and make new friends

  • Get instructions about how to get resident service

Jason Tenant

Group 3 2.png

Identify the main page and main content 

Based on the interview results and the requirements of the client. We finally identify the main pages of the website- Resident Service, Documents & Forms, Community, and Contact. 

From the requirements, we finally identify the main content of the website- your activity, news, upcoming events, contact the property manager, community voice, Lynn park introduction, board member introduction, documents and forms, club house reservation, swimming pool key application, maintenance request and architecture modification request. 

Visual Design

Style Guide

The branding color finally is identified as green, which means life, and everyone can live in Lynn Park happily. 

t 2.png
Final Mockups

The Sign up Page
Sign up page.png
The Sign in Page
Singn in page.png
The Home Page
Homa Page.png
The Resident Service Page-Clubhouse Reservation- Default
Desktop HD Copy 3.png
The Resident Service Page-Clubhouse Reservation- Complete
Club House Reservation 2.png
The Resident Service Page-Clubhouse Reservation- Form
Club House Reservation 3.png
The Resident Service Page-Clubhouse Reservation- Select Date
Club House reservation 4.png
The Community Page
Your community page.png
The Documents & Forms Page
Documents & Form Page.png
The Contact Page
Contact page.jpg
The Profile Page
Profile Page.png

The main page of the website is finished. As the stakeholders decide to use the third party for the payment, we did not finish the payment part.

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