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Real Estate Team Website


The website is aim to help Peggy Chen real estate team to market themselves, and get more clients.


Sketching, prototyping, user testing, project management


Sketch, Wix

Design Question
How to market the real estate team and get more potential client ?
Identify the main requirements of the client

After talking with the client and get their requirement. They want the the website can help them promote their team and help them get more buyers. Based on that, we identify the final five main part of the website: the team introduction part, the contact us part, the listings of the team, the testimonials part, and the event part. At the same time, they need a logo that can represent the mission of the team: Help the new immigration find their home with their heart.  


Based on their requirements for the logo: Help the new immigration find their home with their heart. I finally design three different style. As the team belong to the Legend Real Estate & Finance, the color of the team logo is the same with the color of the company logo. 

LEGEND RE Logo_resize.jpg
The Company Logo
Group 27.png
The Team Logo #1
Help you find a home with all my heart
Group 35 3.png
The Team Logo #2
We listen, we understand
Group 31.png
The Team Logo #3
We are here to lead you home

After discussing, we choose the third logo. As this logo can emphasize the warm heart of the team and the key to success of the business. 

Design Decisions

Card & List View

To organize information in an easily digestible way, we decided to use cards and lists design. Card allows flexibility for different types of information and can be quickly applied to many pages on website. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 2.38.11 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 2.40.13 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 4.19.09 PM 2.p
Identify the main page 


As the main function of the page is to promote the team and help the team get more clients. We finally identify five pages of the website: the home page, the team page, the listing page, the event page, the contact us page.

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 4.04.13 PM.png
Identify content of each page


From the requirements, the five main part of the website- the team introduction part, the contact us part, the listings of the team, the testimonials part, and the event part, need to be included in the website. Based on thte function of each page, we finally identify the content of each page as below:  

Our Mission

Home page

Our Service


Latest Event

Contact Us

Latest Listings

Team member Introduction

Team page

Our Service


Listing page

Our Service


Event Page

Contact Us

Contact page

Our Service

Visual Design

Style Guide

The branding color is accordance with the company's branding color - Red. We wanted the website to be inclusive and attract home buyers and sellers.

Banner 1 a - Impact 26

Banner 2a - Open Sans 22
Headers 1 - Open Sans 28
Banner 3a - Proxima Nova 20
Paragraph 1 - Open Sans 16
Headers 1 - Open Sans 18
Paragraph 2 - Open Sans 14
Banner 3b - Helvetica Light 16
Group 2.png
Final Mockups

The Home Page
The Team Page
The Listing Detail Page
Desktop HD Copy 8.png

From my point, we can add blog page, which can show some real estate analysis report, new homes and some real estate knowledges. The blog page can show the expert of the team and help the team gain the trust of the client.   

Desktop HD Copy 3.png
Desktop HD Copy 2.png
Desktop HD Copy 5.png
Desktop HD Copy.png
The Event Page
The Listing Page
The Contact Page
Desktop HD Copy 4.png

Thanks for reading

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